Types of Therapy



Individual therapy can be very effective in treating: Anxiety, Depression, Difficulty Coping With Life’s stress triggers, trauma,  PTSD, illness management, managing emotions, divorce, relationship  issues & personal conflict 



While  your family can be your greatest source of support, joy and love, it  can also become your greatest source of struggle and pain. Most families  go through times of crisis. Family therapy is a way to find the  strength within the family system to resolve the conflict and return the  family back to the close, trusting, compassionate, fun-loving family  you once were.

Parenting and Behavior


How  to communicate more effectively with your child. How your child’s  personality impacts behaviors and misbehaviors. How to use natural &  logical consequences with positive discipline to redirect misbehaviors.  Reasons why children misbehave and their goals of misbehaving. Specific  behavior changes.



Group  Therapy is a special form of therapy that is lead by a professionally  trained therapist to help one another.  This approach is particularly effective for teens and young adults. Participants develop a strong  support system amongest themselves and it is not unusual for their  friendships to last a lifetime. Young people learn ways of improving  their social skills and develop effective coping skills that they learn  from each other and from the group leaders. Participants understand that  they are not alone in their struggles and come to understand a more  global perspective of their own challenges. This broader view coupled  with the realization that they are not alone starts them on their road  to recovery.