Selecting Your Therapist

Dealing  with insurance questions can be challenging,  especially during a time  when you or a family member is experiencing a crisis. Benefits vary from  person to person and from plan to plan. Not everyone wishes to use  insurance due to insurance companies requiring a diagnosis. Our practice  does accept most insurance plans, however; not every therapist accepts  every plan. Happily, it can be expected that most services will be  reimbursed as either in network or out of net work. Many insurance plans  have excellent coverage with out of network benefits. Most importantly,  we suggest selecting a therapist not only by whether or not she is on  your insurance  panel, but by the following:

  • The specialty of training​​
  • The treatment approach
  • The fit of personality between you and your therapist

      (This may be the single most important aspect to progress)

  • Hours available  - Available for weekend, late night or after school hours

Finding  the best fit therapist for your needs has the potential for quicker  progress and less sessions. Melanie, our intake coordinator will  assist in the selection of the  therapists who best fits your needs. 

To  better assist our Clients, DK Counseling retains the services of an  Independent Insurance Billing Specialist to assist with our Insurance  reimbursements.Of course, while every attempt is made to verify benefits  prior to a visit date, verification of benefits is not a guarantee of  payment.  Actual payment and member responsibility is determined when a  claim is actually processed, and may be different than originally  estimated due to a number of factors including differences in service  procedure and/or diagnosis codes, changes in patient eligibility, other  insurance payments made, and the provisions of the plan.   Ultimately, you are responsible for any services not covered by your insurer.