We are proud to offer several groups on a revolving schedule

Our groups include:

Cool 2 B U -  This is a social skills group offering elementary aged children   practice in important peer related skills, school issues, managing  emotions and increasing self control. 

Skills will include: Managing impulsivity "Oops....I didn't mean to".

 Dealing with bullies-Ignoring doesn't work, learn what does.

 Managing difficult emotions-Anger, frustration, rejection....

Self regulation-Noticing how I'm acting and what to change.

 Social thinking-Adjusting our behavior to consider those around us.

This is a fun and interactive group where the members will meet new friends and have many positive experiences.

Girls Process High School Group- This  group offers girls the opportunity to discuss issues they face on a  daily basis. This is an environment where girls can receive valuable  feedback from peers, build social skills, interpersonal skills and  process challenging emotions.  This group is lead by our "Teen Queen"  Molly Brackett Moore MA, LPC.

Please Contact Molly for further details at 678-852-4224 extension 103.

Lip Gloss Jungle-  This sought after girls group for the ages of 12 through 15. Being a  teen can be an amazing time because it is the time when there is nothing  ahead but dreams and potential.  This group focuses on getting through  difficult moments and emotions, learning enough to be brave to fail,  self talk and anxiety, digital drama/social media, self respect and  confidence building.

Please contact Allison for further details at 678-852-4224 extension 110.

Please contact DK Counseling for more information and group schedules