Have You Heard???



We have seen several therapists  over the many years and none has been as good at Debbie. Our daughter  had severe anxiety and OCD and Debbie was the only therapist who really  helped and brought our daughter back to us.

Debbie Kolbrener has  gone above and beyond anything I could ever hope for in the time and  attention she has shown to healing my children and repairing our  relationships. Her knowledge and her compassion combined have been  essential to my family.

Ms. Kolbrener goes above and beyond. She  is very creative in how she works with my 8 year old son so he enjoys  seeing Ms. Kolbrener and also understands and uses what she has taught  him (and our entire family).

I couldn’t be more impressed with  the work that our therapist provided my child. After only a few  sessions, our son was able to sleep in his bed by himself and has become  so much less anxious. Counseling has changed his life … and now we can  sleep!  (Therapist: Debbie Kolbrener)

I love Mrs. Kolbrener, she  is super cool and her dog Wallace is the best. I love when he lays on my  lap. I can talk to her about anything and she will understand and help  me find a way to feel better and work things out. (Teenage girl)Type  your paragraph here. 



Molly is awesome! The first  therapist and group I actually enjoy going to. It’s the bomb. Molly has  really helped me achieve my goals. (Teenage client)

Molly is  amazing with teenagers. She not only understands what makes them tick,  she knows how to arm them with a set of tools to face their world.  Whether it’s dealing with friends, girlfriends, school, motivation or  lack thereof, Molly helps them discern and gives them options on  navigating the muddy waters of being a teen. (Parent of a teenage  client) 



Service is great. Allison helps  people a lot and I have personally seen a lot of improvement in myself  and in others in our groups. (Middle School client)

Allison  provides a safe, fun and happy environment. I can talk to her about  anything. I feel so much better after having sessions with her. 

I love Allison and she’s the best. I can literally tell her anything. Love her. (Middle School girl)